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Regional Vice President (RVP) Timonium, MD at Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Updated: August 9, 2018


We are looking for a Regional Vice President to lead the Mid-Atlantic Region and sit in our Timonium, MD office!

Summary -

This position is responsible for running the region from a sales, underwriting, expense, human resource and account receivable perspective.  The RVP essentially acts as the CEO of the region.

Responsibilities include:

•Loss Ratio - Directly involve yourself with problem accounts having premiums greater than $100,000 and pure loss ratios greater than 50%.  Run the region to maximize underwriting results. Provide both underwriters and marketing reps with support and direction as it relates to executing the company's underwriting strategy.

•Expense Management/R.O.E. - Establish a goal to keep expenses at or below your regional expense budget.

•Management by Objectives - Manage underwriters and marketing reps. Establish weekly goals for underwriters and marketing reps and mutually attempt to achieve those goals.  Lead by example and work with underwriters and marketing reps weekly.

•Sales - Your sales goal should be to assure your region meets its business plan on a weekly basis.  This can be monitored via the 52 week MBO program for sales and premium.  These sales should also follow the regional product spread goal (this should be done in PATH).

•Premium - Meet annual premium goal.

•Preferred Agency /Firemarked Representation - Establish and work agents by state so they know our products and are a source of business. Enhance penetration with the Firemarked Agent plan.

•Recruiting/Limited Turnover - Job Fairs, College Career Centers, interviewing.  For open reqs., each month you should be attempting to develop and hire new talent for your region. Maintain a working environment that limits voluntary turnover to less than 10% per year.

•Customer Relations/Renewal Retention - Your most valuable asset is your customer (agent, wholesaler, policyholder).  Stay in monthly contact with them.  See if there are problems or needs - ask for referrals and build a relationship (weekly itinerary).  See large agencies at least quarterly.  Renewal retention should be over 85%.

•Prospecting  - Teach your marketing reps and underwriters the science of telemarketing.  In addition to instructing, you should also use this technique to unearth new program opportunities in your region. Teach your underwriters how to interact with agents and wholesalers.

•Referrals - All marketing reps should be trained to get one referral from each appointment.  Underwriters should be trained to get a list of accounts from agents and wholesalers.

•PATH Active List/Product Spread - Each week should result in the development of a fixed number of qualified submissions from your region which are processed to the home office in complete form with a request for quotation (PATH Active List).  You should make sure there is an up-front agreement on every submission sent into the office. Each submission is to follow the Code of Business Conduct. Your PATH Active List should have a balance of submissions for all products with a goal of reaching your annual business plan.

•Sales Presentation - Develop a fixed number of planned and qualified appointments per week.  Your goal should be 4-8 appointments per week.  Focus on large roll over opportunities, new program opportunities and new preferred agent opportunities.

•Accounts Receivable - The region should have zero accounts receivable based on the use of conditional binders.  Monitor account receivables in your region to assure the company is not out of pocket from a receivables standpoint.

•Miscellaneous - Develop marketing plans and large national account programs, local and state advertising, local and state associations (affinity marketing), and independent agents.


Successful candidates will have the following:

Bachelor's Degree in Business/Marketing related field

10+ years of insurance industry experience

2+ years of senior management level experience

Demonstrated sales success 

CPCU preferred

EEO Statement

Tokio Marine Group of Companies (including, but not limited to the Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Tokio Marine Management, Inc., TMNA Services, LLC and First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd.) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  In order to remain competitive we must attract, develop, motivate, and retain the most qualified employees regardless of age, color, race, religion, gender, disability, national or ethnic origin, family circumstances, life experiences, marital status, military status,  sexual orientation and/or any other status protected by law. 

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